Artist Statement

Painting is a little like solving a puzzle or working through a thought that is just on the tip of my tongue, It becomes a way of investigating and mapping out my ideas, experiences and surroundings. Much of my early life was spent traveling through different countries and changing environments so I developed an interest in understanding my own sense of place, this has become a common theme in my work.  Landscapes and human-made environments often form the content of my explorations and they compliment painting as a vehicle to investigate space, depth, layers, the internal, the external and the metaphysical.


 My paintings highlight the formal, structural, compositional elements of the painted image and are reflexive of the process involved.  By focusing on these component parts and moving between flatness, depth, layers and illusion the paintings are able to transcend the content of the imagery and so become ‘meta-paintings’ ; paintings about painting and the experience of presence, looking and seeing.